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Name: Akala "Ace" Noten
First Appearance: Abandoned House
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Draian Hedgehog
Abilities: DelFire Manipulation; Universal Translator
Ability Desc: DelFire is a type of fire with an attribute attached to it, in Ace's particular case, speed. As such, when covered in it, his overall speed is boosted to superhuman levels. He's even able to move this speed onto other objects he ignites. Control of this element also stems to the byproducts of fire, such as smoke and ash, though he's fairly out of touch with using them.
Bio: Something of a traveler, he wants to figure out what happened to the planet of Edin. He's completely unprepared and hardly has any idea about what he needs to do to accomplish it, but at least his heart is in it, right? He has a bad habit of getting lost, much to his annoyance, but generally likes the adventure that comes with it. Tends to be logical and competent, much to his chagrin when he encounters certain people who are a bit larger than life.
Currently, he takes jobs from an enigmatic bobcat who he's never met.

Name: Rejin
First Appearance: ???
Gender: Agender
Age: ???
Species: Light Dragon
Abilities: Light Embodiment; 4th Wall Awareness
Bio: A notable dead-panner, he tends to take things at face value. With that said, however, he also loves being a cryptic asshole, so figure that one out. He's something of a mercenary that specializes in espionage and assassination. With the latter in mind, he does tend to value human life strongly, so it takes a strong reason, and quite a bit of money, before he'll leave that belief behind.
Wait, why's he up here already? Motherfucker.